Captain Eric Story is a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain.  He has been a boat/yacht owner for over 20 years.  He has extensive experience over the entire United States East Coast, throughout Florida, and the Bahamas.   (Julie Story is also a licensed Captain.)   
Eric and Tim are available to assist in moving your vessel or providing any captain services you might require.  The only priority higher than the careful handling of your vessel is the safety and well being of you and your passengers.

Have you ever contemplated what would happen if you were disabled while afloat in your vessel?  You should always have a second person capable of handling the operation of your vessel while underway.  Captain Eric and Tim can teach basic boat handling skills to your partner.  This can make a safer and more enjoyable boating experience for everyone aboard.      (See Testimonial Tab for reference.)


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-Learn to dock your Yacht 

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