Does your busy schedule limit your ability to take care of your yacht the way you would like?  Would you enjoy and use your boat more if it was maintained and always ready to go?  If the answer is yes, you may be ready for a yacht management service.  

Captain Eric Story and Tim Findley have earned the trust of many yacht owners.  We will take care of your yacht as if it were our own.  We can design a custom management program for your yacht which will take care of as much or little as you desire.  The following is a sample of some of the possible services:

-Scheduled maintenance
-Vessel systems monitoring
-Regular operation of vessel systems
-Regular operation of engines (at the dock)
-Sea trials to check engines and all systems under operating conditions.
-Check the bilge levels and pumps
-Monitor dock lines
-Move vessel for your ease of use
-Prep vessel for use (e.g. add fuel, wash)
-Vessel clean-up after use.  
(Let us wash your boat, empty trash and prepare for your next use!)

All maintenance is carefully recorded and documented for your vessel.

Talk to us and see how we can take over the day to day management of your yacht to help you enjoy all the pleasure of being on the water.  

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