July 6, 2008

Re:  You CAN drive the boat!  Just call Eric Story!

Attn:  Lady Boaters

I recently had the pleasure of taking docking lessons from Eric Story.  My husband and I have often remarked that it made more sense for him to be managing the lines and me to be steering our 39 foot power boat.  Just fine when we are out on the river or the ocean, but docking was too scary for me.  So, I hired Eric to give me some lessons.  My husband graciously disappeared, not even on the dock!  After a few hours, I had docked ALONE with Eric on the T-head dock, and then put our boat in and out of our slip three times!  Okay, so if you are experienced, this is no big deal, but I’m 62 years old and this was a leap for me.  Eric was so calm, quiet, and as much as I’m sure he wanted too, he never grabbed the wheel or the controls.  If you have considered having someone help you learn this skill, I recommend Eric!

Eric and his wife Julie, belong to the Eau Gallie Yacht Club.  They own and operate their own 45’ Ocean Power boat, Story Time.  You can reach Eric at (321) 480-8883.   Call me and I’ll tell you more about it.

See you on the river,

Lois Roberts
NEW Captain of Broadsword!

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